The Ritschlian Captivity of the Church

It's been my contention throughout my various writings that contemporary Lutheran theology is in a crisis. The theologies which are being touted as that of Martin Luther, and have been at least for the last hundred years, are basically unrecognizable in relation to that of the Lutheran scholastics. A read of Gerhard Forde next to Johann Gerhard will point the reader to two divergent systems of thought and piety which might cause one to wonder how these two figures can both claim to be … [Read more...]

Todd Wilken on Radical Lutheranism

Rev. Todd Wilken of Issues Etc. fame recently gave a lecture at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Ft. Wayne, IN on the subject of Radical Lutheranism. In this talk, he points out some of the problems with the movement, such as the tendency to overreact to Evangelicalism and to limit discussion of particular commands down to the sin of self-justification.Watch the video here. … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Divine Simplicity and Contemporary Law-Gospel Debates

The doctrine of God does not tend to be a primary issue in contemporary Lutheran theological discussions. Apart from basic Trinitarian theology, Lutheran theological journals and publications tend not to emphasize Theology Proper, and specifically the attributes of God. I think there are a number of reasons for this. First, Lutherans tend to avoid overt speculation, and are somewhat reticent to utilize extensive philosophical categories at the expense of clear Biblical language. Second, … [Read more...]

Gerhard Forde on the Atonement

On today's program, I devoted the hour to a discussion of the doctrine of atonement within the theology of Gerhard Forde. I looked at a variety of passages in his books Where God Meets Man and The Law-Gospel Debate.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Why Every Christian Should be Tempted by “Radical Lutheranism”

Post by Nathan Rinne(Or at least some aspects of “Radical Lutheranism”)There is evidence that even Martin Luther was concerned about appearing too strict. No believer in Christ ever wants to be – or to be labeled – a legalist or Pharisee. They do not want to be seen as persons who live by and from law. They want to be – and be known as – people of grace.This is especially true of Radical Lutherans.“Radical Lutheranism” was a term coined by the conservative ELCA Lutheran theologian … [Read more...]

Gerhard Forde's view of the Law — an excerpt from Law, Life, and the Living God, by Rev. Dr. Scott Murray

Do you like what you read here? Does it pique your curiosity? Use the link above or click here to buy Dr. Murray's book.The more I delve into his research and footnotes, the more I am convinced that this is a very important bit of scholarship that we Lutherans would do well to study, now more than ever.Educate your children classically. Minds like Murray's don't just happen. -- TDD +                    +                   +Gerhard Forde made an enormous contribution to the … [Read more...]

What exactly is the problem with Gerhard Forde and the "Radical Lutherans"

UPDATE - Complementary Listening: "A Critique of the Theology of Gerhard Forde."Reposted from the Facebook.Starting in medias res...Since it was wisely stated by a friend that “every little skirmish isn’t as important as a few well-crafted contributions,” I have abandoned the skirmishes of the land of Comboxen for a time and undertaken to craft a more substantive contribution. I hope my efforts have not been in vain.For the record, there is no dispute concerning the articulus … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened to God? God Not Preached

I have been accused, through my previous posts on sanctification, of not properly representing Gerhard Forde. Well, this seems somewhat odd to me since none of my posts even mentioned Forde. However, this has caused me to go back and reread many of his works; I have decided to give an analyses of certain prominent ideas in Forde's Theology.Gerhard Forde was a highly influential ELCA theologian, who battled both against the encroaching liberalism of the ELCA and the inerrantist convictions of the … [Read more...]