Todd Wilken on Radical Lutheranism

Rev. Todd Wilken of Issues Etc. fame recently gave a lecture at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Ft. Wayne, IN on the subject of Radical Lutheranism. In this talk, he points out some of the problems with the movement, such as the tendency to overreact to Evangelicalism and to limit discussion of particular commands down to the sin of self-justification.Watch the video here. … [Read more...]

Resolved: Why We Should Recognize, not Emphasize, the Christian’s Freed, New Will

Post by Nathan RinneThere is a brutal honesty in the 16th century Lutheran Confessional documents. At one point, we are asked the question: “Who does not frequently doubt whether human affairs are ruled by God's counsel or by chance? Who does not frequently doubt whether he be heard by God?” Still, the God revealed in the Bible ultimately delivers faith and certain hope. In Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness, life and salvation. The sure and full transformation of the world – and we who bel … [Read more...]

The Connection Between the Bondage of the Will and the Two Kinds of Righteousness (Justification and Sanctification)

Post by Nathan RinneFirst of all, happy day after Reformation Day. Semper reformanda!Not too long ago, my eleven-year-old son and I were attending a different LC-MS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) congregation than the one that we are members of. After the confession and absolution, I looked at my son, who was already looking at me in great seriousness, repeating as a question the first words the pastor had said in his unique absolution: “God always looks for the best in his c … [Read more...]

My Book, Hands of Faith, is Now Available for Kindle!

My recent book Hands of Faith: A Historical and Theological Study of the Two Kinds of Righteousness in Lutheran Thought is now available for kindle. You can purchase it here.I also recorded a brief video introduction to the book here.This is the description:It is a common misconception that Lutheran theology is inherently antinomian, or unconcerned with Christian ethics. This unfortunate caricature of the doctrine of the Reformation has been furthered by certain strands of Lutheran … [Read more...]

Today’s Podcast on my New Book: Hands of Faith

On today's program, I was joined by my wife who interviewed me about my new book Hands of Faith: A Historical and Theological Study of the Two Kinds of Righteousness in Lutheran Thought. I discussed several aspects of the Lutheran distinction between the two kinds of righteousness, including: contemporary discussions on the topic, the nature of the two kinds of righteousness in Lutheran history, the practical application of this distinction, and how this distinction is taught and explained in … [Read more...]

This Week’s Podcast on Baptized into Christ

On today's program, Lisa Cooper was a guest host, as she interviewed Jordan about his new book Baptized into Christ: A Guide to the Christian Life. They talked about the distinction between law and gospel, baptism, the two kinds of righteousness, and many other important topics.Here is the program.You can buy the book here. … [Read more...]

Who Can Teach Us More: Mary, the Mother of God, or the Sinful Woman of Luke 7?, one of the great saints of the church, can teach us much more.  And I'll tell you why (and in the process explain why both quotes above from Mr. Tchividjian are crying out for further clarification).It is because when Mary hears about the sinful woman, namely the following... : 36 One of the Pharisees asked him to eat with him, and he went into the Pharisee's house and reclined at the table. 37 And behold, a woman of the ci … [Read more...]

The First Table of the Commandments’ Relationship to the Third Use of the Law (Part II of II)

Post by Nathan RinneI really don't want anyone to feel like they should read this post. Truth. I would simply prefer that they read part I, say "Amen", and "rejoice evermore" (I Thes. 5:16) with me. I think the words I shared there cover the topic of this article well and are reliable and life-giving words - they basically should not need to be supplemented.But that, sadly, has not been my experience. Hence this part II, which gets into some very painful and even annoying detail in … [Read more...]

The First Table of the Commandments’ Relationship to the Third Use of the Law (Part I of II)

       Post by Nathan RinneDuring the 16th century Reformation, church reformers such as Martin Luther identified, from the Scriptures, three uses of God’s law. Simply put, God's law is that which He commands, and is often accompanied by the threat of punishment and the promise of reward. The first use of the law serves as a curb (as in the curb on a road) which prevents gross outbreaks of human sin, the second use of the law s … [Read more...]

This New Year’s, Consider Becoming Perfect in Jesus Christ

Post by Nathan Rinne“Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well-pleased” (Luke 3:22).Actually, this post should be titled "How Could Jesus Christ, Being Sinless Man, Increase in Favor with God?", but we do get to New Year's resolutions at the end....In Luke 2:52, it says “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (NIV). The ESV, however, has “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”The word translated either “grew” or … [Read more...]