Top Ten Law Sections of the New Testament Epistles That Can Encourage the Christian

Post by Nathan Rinne"And his commandments are not burdensome. For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world." -- I John 5:3,4"I do not say this to condemn you." -- II Cor. 7:3 Prefatory note: If you are an antinomian, I'm guessing you won't appreciate this post. That said, I encourage you to read this brand new paper from my pastor, Antinomianism as a Theological Method, and then consider giving this post a chance. +++Christian brothers and sisters who want to talk all … [Read more...]

A Review of Paulson’s “Lutheran Theology”

On today's program I was joined by Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips to discuss his review article of Steven Paulson's book Lutheran Theology. The discussion covered a lot of ground, including: the law, existentialism, the atonement, and Christology.Here is the program. The article can be found here: ALTJ 1.2 … [Read more...]

Gerhard Forde's view of the Law — an excerpt from Law, Life, and the Living God, by Rev. Dr. Scott Murray

Do you like what you read here? Does it pique your curiosity? Use the link above or click here to buy Dr. Murray's book.The more I delve into his research and footnotes, the more I am convinced that this is a very important bit of scholarship that we Lutherans would do well to study, now more than ever.Educate your children classically. Minds like Murray's don't just happen. -- TDD +                    +                   +Gerhard Forde made an enormous contribution to the … [Read more...]