Why I Now Embrace the Two Kinds of Righteousness (a Review of Jordan Cooper’s Hands of Faith)

Post by Nathan RinneIn his book Hands of Faith, Pastor Jordan Cooper makes a convincing case that the concept of the two kinds of righteousness is not only inherent in Lutheran theology (4, 11, 31, 70, 109), but that it is an important biblical concept with much to offer “the entire Christian world." In sum, with this distinction antinomianism can be effectively countered while the centrality of justification is highlighted: faith, “mystical union” (“Christification”), and good works can all … [Read more...]

The Connection Between the Bondage of the Will and the Two Kinds of Righteousness (Justification and Sanctification)

Post by Nathan RinneFirst of all, happy day after Reformation Day. Semper reformanda!Not too long ago, my eleven-year-old son and I were attending a different LC-MS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) congregation than the one that we are members of. After the confession and absolution, I looked at my son, who was already looking at me in great seriousness, repeating as a question the first words the pastor had said in his unique absolution: “God always looks for the best in his c … [Read more...]

My Book, Hands of Faith, is Now Available for Kindle!

My recent book Hands of Faith: A Historical and Theological Study of the Two Kinds of Righteousness in Lutheran Thought is now available for kindle. You can purchase it here.I also recorded a brief video introduction to the book here.This is the description:It is a common misconception that Lutheran theology is inherently antinomian, or unconcerned with Christian ethics. This unfortunate caricature of the doctrine of the Reformation has been furthered by certain strands of Lutheran … [Read more...]

Today’s Podcast on my New Book: Hands of Faith

On today's program, I was joined by my wife who interviewed me about my new book Hands of Faith: A Historical and Theological Study of the Two Kinds of Righteousness in Lutheran Thought. I discussed several aspects of the Lutheran distinction between the two kinds of righteousness, including: contemporary discussions on the topic, the nature of the two kinds of righteousness in Lutheran history, the practical application of this distinction, and how this distinction is taught and explained in … [Read more...]

Christian Liberty, 2KR, and Infant Baptism

On today's program, I addressed a number of listener questions. I discussed Christian liberty and the use/non-use of alcohol, some thoughts on the two kinds of righteousness in relation to my most recent book, as well as the efficacy of regeneration as connected with infant baptism.I apologize for the not-so-great audio quality.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Introduction to Christian Doctrine Videos

I have begun a series of Youtube videos aimed at a lay audience introducing various aspects of Christian theology (from a Lutheran perspective). This is intended to be at the same level as Bible studies taught to my congregation. These are the videos currently available:What is the Ordo Salutis?The Distinction Between Law and GospelElection and PredestinationThe Two Kinds of RighteousnessPlease leave your thoughts and comments. I'd like to continue to make these videos. … [Read more...]

A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology

My new book The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology has just been released! Currently, it is only available on WipfandStock.com, but we be up on Amazon within the coming days. You can purchase the book here.Since the sixteenth century, the Protestant tradition has been divided. The Reformed and Lutheran reformations, though both committed to the doctrine of the sinners justification by faith alone, split over Zwingli and Luther's disagreement over the nature of the … [Read more...]

Two Lectures from Rich Shields

I'm on vacation for two weeks, and so I was unable to record my regular podcast. Instead, I have posted two lectures from the AALC Eastern Regional Conference given by Rev. Rich Shields.The first lecture is a study of Ephesians 4 found here.The second is about character formation here. You can also find these other talks that were given at the conference:Law and Gospel- Rich ShieldsPassive Righteousness- Jordan CooperActive Righteousness- Jordan Cooper … [Read more...]

Active Righteousness

This is my second lecture from the AALC Eastern Regional Conference on the two kinds of righteousness. The title of the lecture is "Equipping the Saints to Live Coram Mundo." This lecture focuses on active righteousness. In it, I discuss the importance of good works in the life of the Christian, and their role in Christian preaching and living. I explore the importance of serving the spiritual and physical needs of those around us.Here is the audio.This is the handout that goes along … [Read more...]

Passive Righteousness

This is a lecture I gave at the 2015 AALC Eastern Regional Conference on passive righteousness. The full title of the lecture is Equipping the Saints to Live Coram Deo. In the lecture, I explain the difference between active and passive righteousness, and how passive righteousness defines the Christian life before God, and specifically in the divine service.Here is the audioThis is the outline for the lecture:Equipping the Saints to Live Coram Deo … [Read more...]