Hollywood Moral Awareness vs. Christian “Ash Wednesday” Moral Awareness

Post by Nathan Rinne“The folly of a man perverts his ways, and in his heart he holds God to blame” --Prov. 19:3As Albert Mohler reports in a hard-hitting Briefing today, prior to the Oscars last Sunday night the Hollywood Reporter published an article titled "Oscar Winner John Irving Urges Hollywood to Get Political With 'Outright Bias'". In the article, Irving, echoing the 1960s philosopher Herbert Marcuse, pushes for his "artist community,"  to be "intolerant of intolerance". "In our co … [Read more...]

Joel Biermann on Issues Etc.

Dr. Joel Biermann was recently interviewed on Issues etc. about his book A Case for Character. I was very excited to hear this news, as some previous guests have mischaracterized Dr. Biermann's position regarding the two kinds of righteousness.Listen to the program here … [Read more...]