Dragons & Habits

High atop a hill on the north side of Spokane is the home of St. Michael.   It’s an imposing structure, made from brick and mortar and very little wood, as required by fire code following the fire that burned 27 blocks of downtown Spokane. In the early 1900s, they built their on railroad up [Read More…]

Murder repeats itself

This weekend marks the anniversary of the murder of Karly Sheehan. Had she not been killed by her mother’s boyfriend, Karly Sheehan would be celebrating the end of yet another year of elementary school. It’s easy to imagine Karly lugging around a backpack, chatting with classmates about her summer plans, which surely would include yet [Read More…]

From the Shadows

Is Jerry Sandusky a Christian? That’s the title of an article over at the Christian Post. According to the CP, Sandusky regularly attended St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. The CP also noted that Sandusky has a bible verse posted on his home’s garage door. ┬áSome of his alleged victims claimed that one of the places [Read More…]