What is he waiting around for?

Monday was a nasty cold day. ¬†Clouds, heavy as a cow’s teat, hung overhead, threatening to drench anyone at any moment. I put on some sweats and thought about going to the club to workout but then figured, ¬†why bother? This is the sort of day Jesus would pick to bust the sky wide open [Read More...]

How do you remember?

Did you do anything to remember it? Visit someone in the hospital perhaps? Make a phone call? Send an email? Bake a cake? Write a letter to your Congressman? Did you join with hundreds of others on a protest march? Or did you sit down with the photos of your son, your husband, your daughter, [Read More...]

Super Moon & Secret Powers

Everybody raised up in Appalachia knows the trick to making a garden flourish is to do the planting under a full moon. The reason Jack’s beanstalk grew so big is he not only planted it under a full moon, but under one of those super moons like we had last night. It was so bright [Read More...]