The Lost Father

David Spears, my father, grew up in Tennessee fishing the banks of the Holston River. Today he fishes the River Jordan.

Today (Saturday, May 17) is my father’s birthday. Had he lived we would be celebrating his 82nd birthday. It is a fact that my father has been dead years longer than he was ever alive. He’s been dead long enough for the politicians who started the American War in Vietnam to admit to their own [Read More...]

God loves us like a toddler does

boy hug

  I awoke with a start early. Just popped up eyes wide open. I used to do that more when I was the mother of young kids. Not so much anymore. Usually these days I wake like a panhandler in need of drink, foggy-headed and aching. It might have been the temperature. Too warm despite [Read More...]

About Emily Letts & that Abortion Video


    Writing about the pros and cons of abortion always makes me feel like a hypocrite. How can I possible advise others when I know how wrenching and personal such a decision can be? On one hand I don’t feel the least bit qualified to offer up thoughts about abortion. And on the other [Read More...]