Peter's Story

Peter’s Story I met Peter at one of Vietnam’s busy marketplaces. He asked me why I was in his country. I told him all about Sons And Daughters in Touch and our historic return to the battlefields where our fathers were slain. “I am like you,” he said. “In what way?” I asked. “My father, [Read More…]

Bloodshed in the name of God

Terry Jones has finally done in Afghanistan what he has been unable to do here — cause bloodshed in the streets. The New York Times is reporting that thousands of angry protesters took to the streets in Afghanistan. Riled by the actions of Terry Jones, they overran the compound at the United Nations and killed at least a dozen [Read More…]

The Hell We Create

Editor’s note: The following is a comment a regular blog reader made in reference to a post I wrote earlier this week about the anniversary of the Iraq war.  I think what she has to say is so important, I didn’t want it to be overlooked. Sadly it will not draw as much attention as [Read More…]