A Tupperware Coffin

  Mama ordered a $10 plastic urn. The nit-pickiest woman on planet earth – the very same woman who pitched a hissy fit if my roots were showing, or if I went to town without lipstick on, the woman who spent the last hours of her life shopping for the perfect leather purse — picked [Read More…]

Romney’s Save America message

Before Mitt Romney made his decision to run for president his wife asked him one question, “Can you really save America?” Yes, Mitt answered. He told the same thing to voters in Iowa:   Well, actually, to be specific he said that this election is about saving the soul of America. I’m not sure if [Read More…]

How to live before you die: Steve Jobs

Much has been and will continue to be said about Steve Jobs’s management abilities, his business acumen, his intelligence., but it is his creativity that is his greatest legacy. “Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless.” “Trusting that the dots will connect down the road [Read More…]