Satanic Hypocrite

  He looked like Woody Allen with longer hair, albeit still balding on top. He wore all black, which seems to be the go-to color for Satanists of any era. ┬áThe better to hide in the shadows with, my dear. He was handing out business cards at the bookstore in Olympia on Saturday. I sent [Read More…]

Serve Somebody

I sat in the car outside Starbucks yesterday afternoon talking to a girlfriend. I was telling her how frustrated I was because I had learned that a bookstore that would be representing me at an event had informed me the day before that no one on staff intended to read the book they would be [Read More…]

Magic Genie God

Jessica Ahlquist stopped believing in God at age 10. Now 16, the New York Times reports that Jessica identifies herself as an atheist, and it was her convictions as a self-proclaimed atheist that compelled her to get a prayer removed from her high school auditorium. That the prayer had been presented as a gift to [Read More…]