A Matter of Character

Brian Downing is the father to a precious baby girl. Brian Downing is the husband to his college sweetheart. Brian Downing is a proud University of Alabama alum. Brian Downing is the cousin to Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor. Brian Downing is a graduate of Central High School in Phenix City, Ala. (Russell County), which [Read More…]

Hillbilly Language Lessons

golly-whopper: noun: Something extraordinary of its kind. “That was a golly-whopper of a championship game last night.” “That Oregon defense is a golly-whopper.” “That Cam Newton has a golly-whopper of an arm.” “Fifty-four years between one championship to another is a golly-whopper of a wait.” “Fans from both teams report that they had a golly-whopper [Read More…]