Sherlock’s Theology

  I was in Leavenworth, Washington over the weekend. I went at the invitation of A Book for All Seasons, the Indie bookstore in the resort town was celebrating it’s 22nd anniversary. It wasn’t my first trip to Leavenworth but it was my first event at A Book for All Seasons. I knew about this [Read More…]

The Loneliness Epidemic

Raise your hand if you remember this song from your youth: It could be argued now, I suppose, that The Beatles were more than just poets – they were a prophetic bunch. I can’t speak for the Brits, but here in America we are facing a full-blown Loneliness Epidemic. A recent report from the Barna [Read More…]

Expecting a Political Messiah

  She sat in the pastor’s office, a blubbering heap. I just don’t know what we will do now, she cried. Pastor wasn’t quite sure what had prompted this woman’s breakdown. Was a family member sick? Were there marriage problems? Had a child gone prodigal? Gently, he inquired, What’s the matter?  Clinton won the election! [Read More…]