Git it Over With, Pleeeasseee…

  Students have come to expect it from me, and I will not disappoint. Yes, especially in this election year, they will still get that lecture I give about voting and about how men and women died to earn them that right and how if they aren’t going to exercise that right then by golly [Read More…]

The Veterans & the Nurse

It’s the veterans she served as a nurse that Mama remembers best. Bruce. Homer. Mike. “There are a lot of names I remember,” she says. Her memory is a virtual wall. The names of many of her patients are etched into her brain like the black marble etching on Panel 9E Line 71. People she [Read More…]

Praying for butter

Shellie’s grandson has been in the hospital with an viral infection. Arlis’s husband Ron has been in the hospital, very sick. Crystal’s mama died this week after a very long battle with a torturous disease. Tim’s mama has been in the hospital with pain of an unknown source. Pray, they ask. I will, I answer. [Read More…]