Up to Good

  Ann Voskamp wrote a thoughtful piece about perspective. In it she states “God is only up to good work.” That statement has the power to transform our lives, and this world, if only we believed it. But we don’t. Too often, too many of us most often expect that God’s up to no-good That [Read More…]

An Invitation of Honor

Several of my friends are headed to the White House. They are having breakfast with President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The invitation to breakfast belongs to an inclusive group. This group even has it’s own signature pin of distinction. I’m wearing my Gold Star pin now. In order to belong to this fraternity, [Read More…]

Leaking Jesus

Some people live lives which appear so much bigger after they die. You know the sort I mean. You find yourself sitting in a pew listening respectfully as others eulogize the newly deceased and all the while you are feeling like you stumbled into the wrong service. You leave shaking your head, wondering how, given the numbers of [Read More…]