She was standing behind one of those tables used at church potlucks. One of dozens of authors participating in an annual book event at the mall. The perfect chance for children and their parents to visit face-to-face with the magician-makers and beast-makers otherwise known as writers. I took a moment before the scheduled signings to [Read More…]

Journalism vs. Fiction

So you may have heard by now that I have a novel coming out in September. It’s my sixth book and my first work of fiction. I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous about it. You’d be scared, too, if  you were me. Writing fiction is a totally different process than the journalism-based [Read More…]

The God of Imagination and Oliver Twist

  A dozen years ago, I was traveling through a familiar town in the south when I saw a boy not yet ten trying to dart across a busy four-lane. It was mid-morning on a school day. I had no idea why he wasn’t in school but I was worried he was going to get [Read More…]