Solidarity with the Grandchildren

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When his sister got married a couple of years ago, Stephan walked his Hero Mama grandmother down the flower-strewn path. As the first-born grandson he’s always had a special place in the hearts of all the grandparents. Back then he was employed at Colonial Williamsburg. Facial hair was not in style and long hair was. [Read More...]

Perhaps you can relate?

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Mama likes to talk. This is a random and new thing for her. Unlike my kids, I’m not used to a talking Mama. When I woke her for her 5 a.m. meds this morning, Mama said, “I thought you were going to talk with me earlier. (Mama was referencing the 2 a.m. med time)Your sister [Read More...]

Feeling Insignificant


Mama took the doctors best prognosis in typical Mama fashion. She looked straight at them and said, “Man is man and God is God.” Her meaning was clear:  Man can only guess. God knows. The oncologist shook his head in agreement. I don’t know what particular belief system he ascribes to, if any, but he [Read More...]