Heaven on Parkchester Drive

There are stacks of books on my mother’s dressers, piles of books on her bedside table, and another stash of books inside the pouch of her walker-on-wheels.┬áThe trouble is she can’t read any of the books — the brain tumors have robbed her of one of her greatest enjoyments — reading. So the reading of [Read More…]

Losing Mama

I walked 20 steps, from Mama’s bedroom to the laundry room. Mama was sitting on the bed when I left. I was gone all of three minutes. When I came back Mama was gone. Since she’s been off the chemo and on the steroids, Mama thinks she’s Arnold Studnegger. She moves lickety-quick, holding on to [Read More…]

IHOP: Encouragement on a plate

He didn’t know that we had spent an additional two hours waiting for the doctor, who was sidetracked by another patient at another hospital, likely another crisis. He didn’t know that prior to the doctor’s appointment, I’d sat in a wheelchair, a warm blanket covering me, yellow plugs in my ears, as I held onto [Read More…]