Rutgers Browbeats Rice

Rutgers. Pleeeeassseee. Have you no academic integrity? No sense of tolerance? No love, joy or peace in your hearts? Listen, I am no fan of Bush’s wars. I have been annoyingly outspoken about my personal aversion to misguided wars and their aftermath – something I know all too intimately. I was standing in the airport [Read More…]

Starve a Child, Save a Gay

I was in Nashville when the text message arrived: “Have you kept up with what’s going on with World Vision?” Only barely, I replied. I’m on the road. Prior to heading out of Seattle earlier this week I had read a story about World Vision’s decision to hire Christians in Same-Sex marriages. World Vision is [Read More…]

Freedom to Bully

And we wonder why bullying is such an issue for our children today.    I don’t even recognize the country I live in anymore. You ever feel that way? Of course, then I remember that part of our nation’s history has always been about trashing others. What is the matter with us? Why do we [Read More…]