Memorial Day & the Mattress Man

I’m in Portland for a book event tonight (Thursday) at Powell’s bookstore (7 p.m. Cedar Hills). So this morning I did a round of media in advance of the event. The first stop included an interview with KATU’s AMNorthwest. My time slot was the last segment, which meant that I had to wait in the [Read More…]

Our Daily Bread

  You’d think by now I’d be accustomed to the way that consumers can corrupt Christianity but then, again, I’ve always been a slow-learner. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Bible means by Daily Bread but Burnt Impressions is less concerned with the ethics behind hawking Jesus, and far more interested in making dough. [Read More…]

And now we interrupt this prayer to bring

You a few messages from our sponsors…. Best Commercial Prayer ever. Thanks to Susan Strickland for sending me this. [Read more…]