Refuse to Do Nothing: Be a Revolutionary

I issue the same warning to students:  I’m trying to turn you all into revolutionaries.  They laugh when I tell them that. I laugh, too, but that doesn’t mean I am joking. I want students to finish up the term with a sense of purpose. I often ask them: What would cause you to set [Read More…]

The Redneck & the Owlet

That’s my friend Swede upon that ladder rigging up a redneck fix to a very complicated problem. Swede is no tree-hugging liberal. He’s a contractor for classic custom-built homes. But on Sunday, Swede was trying to fix the home of this little critter. Swede nicknamed him Harry. I’m not sure he is a he but [Read More…]

When Children set the Example

Editor’s Note: Traveling back across country today. Today’s guest post is from the lovely Renea Winchester, author of one of my favs — In the Garden with Billy.   By Renea Winchester A few weeks ago, my daughter and I visited The Book Exchange in Marietta, Georgia for an event where Karen Spears Zacharias was [Read More…]