Chickens in my future

The always beautiful and forever talented and always delightfully entertaining Sarah Thebarge came for a visit during Umatilla County Fair week. So, of course, I had to take her to the fair. Our first stop was the exhibition hall, where we marveled over the handiwork of 4-H students. I told Sarah  how I attended a [Read More…]

A Day for the Animals

Story & Photos by Shelby Dee It started out with frustration. My car wouldn’t go. She has nearly 211,000 miles on her. I imagined terrible things. She’s never given me a day’s trouble in six years, and suddenly I had to accept a ride home from kind strangers. They’ve been coming to town for the [Read More…]

Poetry in Mobile

The lovely Ms. Julia picked up the gorgeous Ms. Gwen Smith and I at the hotel and carried us out to the church. Where we met the hardworking Ms. Jacobs and Ms. Dye, who had been at the church since 8 a.m. decorating & preparing. Christ United Methodist in Mobile is a beautiful church. But [Read More…]