The Lavish Goodness of God

During a recent visit south, I visited a former classmate. Lucy and her husband Ricky have raised three kids to a fruitful and productive adulthood. For the past six years, Lucy and Ricky have been foster parents to eleven children. This last one Lucy brought home from the hospital. The infant was born into a [Read More…]

From the Shadows

Is Jerry Sandusky a Christian? That’s the title of an article over at the Christian Post. According to the CP, Sandusky regularly attended St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. The CP also noted that Sandusky has a bible verse posted on his home’s garage door.  Some of his alleged victims claimed that one of the places [Read More…]

The worst kind of wrongs

Kudos once again to the British for taking the high moral road. The responsible road, given the state of our children as of late. The British Advertising Standards Authority has banned  a new Marc Jacob’s perfume ad because they deemed it too provocative. Here’s the Ad:   Yes. That’s sweet, not so little, Dakota Fanning, [Read More…]