Immigration Reform: No easy answers

I bought a new bird feeder this week, along with a bag full of new feed. The kind that is supposed to attract wild birds. I don’t think we have any real wild birds here in Eastern Oregon. Robins are common. As are red-winged blackbirds. Sometimes finches will find their way to the feeders. But [Read More…]

One of our own boys

The salts of the Pacific dried on their skin as they huddled together at the hospital, still clothed in their beach shorts and hoodies grabbed in a hurry. ¬†They spanned the ages of 13 to 30. Inland children, every single one of them raised among rolling fields of wheat and low-lying acres of watermelon. The [Read More…]

Where is your faith?

You ever feel like you are only getting a peek at things? As if you are just a hair’s breath away from something glorious? If only someone nearby would reach out And give you a hand up, you, too, could Sail off into the sunset? But, instead, the fear of getting tripped up, hinders you [Read More…]