Petition to Replace the President & Congress

Dear Mr. President & Members of Congress: At first I ignored the news reports of the rancor. Politics as usual, I figured. But now you all have taken this ugly bi-partisan bickering way too far. Your job, as you were hired to do it, is to represent the good people of America. If I performed [Read More…]

Super Moon & Secret Powers

Everybody raised up in Appalachia knows the trick to making a garden flourish is to do the planting under a full moon. The reason Jack’s beanstalk grew so big is he not only planted it under a full moon, but under one of those super moons like we had last night. It was so bright [Read More…]

Hey Congress: Pull Up Your Big Boy Breeches

Having children from New York public schools sing was a nice finishing touch at the Oscars. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a favorite of many people, particularly those who remember when Judy Garland sang it. But make no mistake about it – there was a message embedded in that number: If happy little bluebirds fly [Read More…]