I went to college in this town. Walked by this bookstore Hundreds of times and never once thought: One day I’m going to write a book Never crossed my mind at all. I had a hard enough time writing anything. Write an analysis, the English prof said. What’s that? I asked my roomie. Take something [Read More…]

What Ann Rule said

In case you missed it, true crime writer Ann Rule has endorsed the upcoming book. Here’s what she said: “A Silence of Mockingbirds is beautifully written by a very talented investigative journalist. But, even more, this is Karen Zacharias’s own story too, one of trust betrayed. A tragic book that we should all take to [Read More…]

Grandpa’s Poem for Karly

A POEM FOR KARLY By Grandpa Sheehan A year has passed, time sure seems long Like a crisp blue morn without sweet birdsong. Hearts are heavy, eyes are sore Without sounds of works like “disanoir”. Time’s meant to heal, or so they say, And it doesn’t help being far away. But I can fly out [Read More…]