RomneyHood & Obamaloney

So Obama coins the term Romney-Hood and Romney retaliates with Obamaloney. Geeish. And these men want to run our country? They both are raising and spending campaign funds as if Jesus will show up by suppertime. Romney’s campaign reported a July haul of more than $101 million, compared to the $75 million that Obama’s campaign [Read More…]

Test ’em

What if we required candidates to take a test? One of those all-day SAT kind of test? Bring only your NO. 2 pencils, sharpened, no i-Phones, no calculators, no index cards, no personal assistants. Just your pencils, Your experience, Your memory, And your knowledge. The two highest scorers, one GOP and one Democrat, will then [Read More…]

Millionaires Club

It’s hardly more than a yawning headline that the average American family is growing poorer as the country’s leaders are growing richer. Most of us know someone who has lost a job and a home over the past few years. Some of those somebodies are our loved ones. We’d do something about it, if only we [Read More…]