They Walk Among Us

They walk among us, the despairing do. Some are quiet, unassuming, gentle souls. Others are the life of the party, seemingly joyful, radiant even. Yet, somewhere, just beyond the place where hope whispers their name, there is a darkness, unrecognizable. Until, too often, it’s too late. They walk among us, the despairing do. Laughing, loving, [Read More…]

The Loneliness Epidemic

Raise your hand if you remember this song from your youth: It could be argued now, I suppose, that The Beatles were more than just poets – they were a prophetic bunch. I can’t speak for the Brits, but here in America we are facing a full-blown Loneliness Epidemic. A recent report from the Barna [Read More…]

Poverty of a different sort

Never once when I was growing up, not even when I was a young adult, did I ever think about, or dare to imagine that I would come to Paris one day. A day trip to Atlanta, only eighty miles up the road, seemed exotic to me then. We never made trips to Atlanta to [Read More…]