The Gift of Christmas

The men are all gathered around the TV. Daughter Shelby is hanging out with friends she hasn’t seen since high school graduation, ten years ago. Konnie is in the kitchen preparing treats for a Christmas Eve gathering. Grandson Sullivan and his parents are visiting the other grandparents. And the dogs — ¬†Poe, Poppy, Portia, Dallie, [Read More…]

Root Little Pig

  The blinds drawn, lights off, I leaned over Mama’s hospital bed and rubbed her neck. “I don’t know how you manage to be so strong,” I said. “It’s like my mama always told me,” she answered. “Root little pig or die.” My mother has spent a lifetime figuring out how to survive only to [Read More…]

Chawing on Your Ear

I once wrote a story about a man who had his ear bit off by a guy he was tussling with in broad daylight, right in his own neighborhood. I didn’t know the man. Had never seen his ears. Didn’t know if they were big or small, hairy or bald, pierced or had one of [Read More…]