Sullivan picks winner from a blue hat

This is the time in which we announce our winner for Michael Morris’s latest fiction – Man in the Blue Moon.¬† If you don’t win today, stay tuned. We have more giveaways coming up very soon… And thanks for entering..   [Read more…]

Dolly Parton Reads Michael Morris: Book Giveaway

  Lucky winners of last week’s giveaway should be receiving their books in the mail any day now, and you know what that¬†means? Yes, that’s right. You have a better chance of winning the next book, since previous winners are otherwise occupied. And I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about this next book. [Read More…]

Gaga: A Soul-Thief

A reader recently left a message at one of the more popular blog posts of the year, Lady Gaga’s a Fake and You aren’t Great. This reader claims Lady Gaga has stolen a soul and her persona: Sadly, it goes even further than that as she stole her entire persona from a girl named Lina [Read More…]