Chawing on Your Ear

I once wrote a story about a man who had his ear bit off by a guy he was tussling with in broad daylight, right in his own neighborhood. I didn’t know the man. Had never seen his ears. Didn’t know if they were big or small, hairy or bald, pierced or had one of [Read More…]

Grow the Cuss Up

The class assignment was to write a personal essay. Teachers understand such assignments are a risk. No telling what students will write about when their starting point is a coming-of-age place. Some write of their parents divorce. Some write about their own broken romances. It is not uncommon to get essays about bullying, rejection and [Read More…]

Pete's Pants Part II

No fever, yet, but the body aches rendered me useless most of the day. I managed to get some chores done, but the one I needed to do most — wash Pete’s pants — was delayed. I told him to meet me outside the grocery store at 4 p.m. but I didn’t get there until [Read More…]