The Question of Crowd-Sourcing: Why Kickstarter Troubles me

  When Don Miller wanted to make a film of his book, Blue Like Jazz, he directed his fan base to a Kickstarter program and raised $300,000. And, yes, I was a contributor. Something I remembered today as I threw out my signed copy of the Blue Like Jazz poster, one of the “gifts” for those [Read More…]

Homer Simpson’s Hometown meeting

    The girl with the gentle smile came up behind me, quietly, like a five-year old who knows not to interrupt when mommy is talking. I’d just finished a talk at City Hall in Springfield, Oregon. Yes. The very home of Homer Simpson. As far as I know none of the Simpsons were in [Read More…]

Sour Notes: Blue Like Jazz

Not surprisingly, the customer-funded movie Blue Like Jazz now touring the country is already creating a fuss within certain conservative circles. Steve Taylor, the movie’s director, took to the show’s official site on Tumblr to explain the most current tift. Taylor’s essay was also posted on author Don Miller’s site. Taylor says the Christian Movie [Read More…]