Take Care of Each Other

Editor’s Note:Today’s post is a guest post by Roger Fuchs, a frequent visitor to this blog, and an outreach minister in Portland. You can find Roger’s own blog site here. My child, do not cheat the poor of their living, and do not grieve the hungry, or anger the one in need.  Do not add [Read More…]

Day & the Catholic Workers movement

The thing about Occupy Wall Street that bothers me most is that it didn’t start within the Church. I admit I’ve been heavily influenced by the writings of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers Movement. The poverty of the Great Depression compelled Day to act upon her faith. Fighting against the unequal distribution of wealth is [Read More…]

Losers in Christ

I’ve been reading through Madeleine L’Engle’s book Irrational Season. My friend Miz Hazel from Mississippi gave me her well-used copy.  I am not reading it like a book, but like a devotional. I read a graph or two at a time, and ponder it throughout the day. Today’s graph was about the crucifixion, which L’Engle [Read More…]