The Sound of Sameness

Editor’s Note: Rebekah Sanderlin is a journalist, a military wife and a dear friend. She is also a native of Tennessee. As you can tell, we share a lot in common. In the following essay, Rebekah talks about another thing we share – the loss of our Southern accents. Something we both are sorry to [Read More…]

Some of the Best Mothers are Fathers

When I got old enough to buy cards on my own I used to give my mother a Father’s Day card. Mama thought the whole gesture ridiculous, but as a single mother she’d earned it. Besides, honoring my mother on Father’s Day was one way to not feel so left out as a child. It [Read More…]

Killing the arts

Editor’s Note: So y’all I’m in Hartsville, S.C. where Burry Bookstore has joined with Durant’s Children’s Center for a fundraiser. Join us Monday in Hartsville if you can. This week I will also be in Atlanta, Kathleen, Macon, Columbus, Ga, Auburn, Al, and Woodstock, Ga. For tour info check out this link:¬† Meanwhile, dear friends [Read More…]