Gingrich’s Black & White World

Newt Gingrich wants voters to understand one thing — should he be elected president, assuming he wins the GOP nomination — he will be the paycheck president and not the food stamp president. Obama, he says, is the best food stamp president in American history. “I want to be the best paycheck president,” he says. [Read More…]

Romney’s Save America message

Before Mitt Romney made his decision to run for president his wife asked him one question, “Can you really save America?” Yes, Mitt answered. He told the same thing to voters in Iowa:   Well, actually, to be specific he said that this election is about saving the soul of America. I’m not sure if [Read More…]

Why we make bad decisions

So are you the sort of person who generally sees the glass as half-full? Do you try to look on the bright side? Do you generally have a fairly positive outlook on life? Do you think that the cosmos is working in your favor? If so, recent studies suggest you are delusional. According to Sam [Read More…]