I know Miracle

I already know miracle. L’Engle I came across those words this morning in my readings. I started out reading Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith. A manĀ I have known for a very long time commented over coffee recently that he was pleased to hear me say before God and everyone gathered at a library event that [Read More…]

A Fierceness of Soul

Over the course of the past couple of weeks two women I know have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I suppose you might say, well, that’s to be expected, given your age. And you’d be right to assume that, given that as we age more and more of our friends and loved ones face health [Read More…]

God's trending among New Yorkers

God is the latest thing trending among New Yorkers. That’s the word out from the good folks over at the Barna Group. Despite the troubling nationwide decline of church attendance, in New York church attendance is on the upswing. According to a recent Barna study — Faith in New York since 9/11 — weekly church [Read More…]