Are You Jealous?

The writer sitting next to me at dinner wanted to know — was it going to be hard to go on tour with another author. What do you mean? I asked. Won’t you be jealous if she sells more books than you? No, I answered. Not at all. I’m praying that Ann Hite will be [Read More…]

The Believer’s Serenity Prayer

    God grant me this thing I ask Help me to change the things I cannot accept; Grant me courage to press ahead despite the darkness and wisdom to know when to not give up.   Give me vision to see beyond this one day; While savoring this single moment in time. Refuse me [Read More…]

Faith-colored glasses

We were invited to attend a concert in the village up the road a’piece. Every artist needs a promoter who believes in their work and direct others to it Claire is her mother’s biggest fan. “She wrote a song for me,” Claire says. “Middle child.” Middle children get a bad rap sometimes, but I have [Read More…]