The C-Word: Hate Speech in Heels

We talked about the C-word in class last week. It was part of a broader discussion about offensive words and how the majority of the name-calling we do in this culture is gender-specific, designed to denigrate women. And isn’t that in itself a form of hate speech? The C-word ranks as one of the most degrading of [Read More…]

Refuse to Do Nothing: Be a Revolutionary

I issue the same warning to students:  I’m trying to turn you all into revolutionaries.  They laugh when I tell them that. I laugh, too, but that doesn’t mean I am joking. I want students to finish up the term with a sense of purpose. I often ask them: What would cause you to set [Read More…]

First Amendment Family

Raised up in Seattle, he’d grown up comfortable. Not unaware but at least far removed from the growing up his grandparents experienced. The kind of experiences that made a person of color want to move far, far away from the land of their growing up. You should interview them about all that, I said. Find [Read More…]