A Good Mama is Hard to Lose

Shelby Jean Mayes Spears, 75, died after a brief bout of cancer at her son’s home in Auburn, WA. on December 26, 2012. Born on January 23, 1937, to John Harve Mayes and Ruth Matilda Shropshire Mayes of Rogersville, TN., Shelby was the youngest of six children and the family’s only girl. Surrounded by all [Read More…]

Poppies for Sandy Hook

Editor’s Note: A year ago, I asked my mother to paint me a picture of Flander’s Field. Then I gave her the poem penned during WWI by John McCrae, a Canadian physician. McCrae wrote it in honor of a dear friend who died during the second battle of Ypres in the Flanders region of Belgium, where the [Read More…]