It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday. The very first in my life without the woman who birthed me. I’d post one of those photos here. You know the kind with the mother kneeling beside her daughter or son, as they blow out their candles, but I don’t have a single photo of me and my mother on my [Read More…]

Mugs & the Watermelon

So we are visiting some of the girls this weekend and my good friend Katie, who winters in California and ┬ásummers in Bend, came over to have dinner with us. Katie brought Mugs, her babe, to visit with Poe & Flash. But Mugs was far more interested in the food than in socializing with the [Read More…]

A day in the country

I took a ride out to the country yesterday. I’ve been working hard finishing up a manuscript. (YAY!!!) The thing about writing is that it’s such a solitary activity — kind of like farming. The other thing about writing is that you have to sit still to do it. When I’ve finished a book, I [Read More…]