Rutgers Browbeats Rice

Rutgers. Pleeeeassseee. Have you no academic integrity? No sense of tolerance? No love, joy or peace in your hearts? Listen, I am no fan of Bush’s wars. I have been annoyingly outspoken about my personal aversion to misguided wars and their aftermath – something I know all too intimately. I was standing in the airport [Read More…]

First Amendment Family

Raised up in Seattle, he’d grown up comfortable. Not unaware but at least far removed from the growing up his grandparents experienced. The kind of experiences that made a person of color want to move far, far away from the land of their growing up. You should interview them about all that, I said. Find [Read More…]

Freedom to Bully

And we wonder why bullying is such an issue for our children today.    I don’t even recognize the country I live in anymore. You ever feel that way? Of course, then I remember that part of our nation’s history has always been about trashing others. What is the matter with us? Why do we [Read More…]