God Does Not Love America

God does not love America. If that offends you, you have a problem. God does not love Israel. Israel as a nation is a construct of the Truman Administration and some legal wrangling within the United Nations. I know we have been taught — truly indoctrinated — to think otherwise. I get it. It’s a hard [Read More…]

Nora Ephron: God’s Side-Kick

Nora Ephron has died, and with her at his right hand, God will surely get some much-deserved comic relief. Ephron was  endearingly funny. If you are a female over 40 and have not yet read Ephron’s book I feel bad about my neck you need to rush out today and get a copy. Nora’s musings [Read More…]

SBC: The One True Church of the Heterosexual God

I was raised up in the South, home of the One True Church of the Heterosexual God. The Southern Baptist Church.  From the time I was saved I believed all other churches fell short of the Glory of God. I’m not exactly sure why I believed that. Maybe it’s because of the way the Baptist poked [Read More…]