A Muslim in the White House: Oh!My!

  Let’s just say that FOXNews  is right: What if President Obama isn’t really the Christian he professes to be. How would that be headline news? Seriously. I mean how many Christians have you known personally over the years who turned out not to be the Christian they professed to be? Media, both conservative and liberal, continue [Read More…]

This perfect world of ours

We do not live in a perfect world where everyone agrees and shares the same perspective. I came across that statement in an essay I read recently, and it got me to wondering: Is that really what a perfect world looks like? A place where we all agree and share the same perspective. Good Mrs. Murphy, [Read More…]

Magic Genie God

Jessica Ahlquist stopped believing in God at age 10. Now 16, the New York Times reports that Jessica identifies herself as an atheist, and it was her convictions as a self-proclaimed atheist that compelled her to get a prayer removed from her high school auditorium. That the prayer had been presented as a gift to [Read More…]