Pot calling the Kettle Black

  When I was in Nashville, TN, in September, I had the opportunity to hear Dave Ramsey on the radio. I’d heard a lot about Dave Ramsey over the years but I had never actually heard anything from the mouth of Dave Ramsey other than the occassional soundbite on TV. But listening to Dave Ramsey [Read More…]

Ranters without a cause

I love a good sit-in. Or protest. I’m a child of the 60s, after all. Sandwiched by age between the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War demonstrations, I was far too young and incapable of driving myself to Selma or Woodstock. So I’ve always retained a bit of marching envy for those who did [Read More…]

Duke: Lousiest Shot South of Mason-Dixon

  Despair propelled Clay Duke, the gunman who went on a shooting rampage in Panama City, Florida. In his last act of hopelessness at the Bay County School Board Meeting, Duke fatally shot himself after exchanging gunfire with the district’s security chief Mike Jones. School Superintendent Bill Husfelt believes it’s a miracle no one else [Read More…]