Remembering 9-11 with Miss Lillian

  Lillian revisiting her memories of Marjorie I stopped by to see my friend Lillian Champion in Pine Mountain today. Lillian told me how much she wished I could spend 9-11 with her. There’s a concert at Callaway Gardens in memory of her daughter. Marjorie was killed in the attack on the Pentagon. With unabashed [Read More…]

The Whys and Whats of God

Her boy was 14 when he was killed in an accident. He grabbed for a gun that his friend was showing him. “We didn’t have guns in our house,” she says. “But he was always fascinated by guns.” He asked his friend to let him hold it. Then he reached for the gun. It discharged [Read More…]

Ash Wednesday Reflection

  And this Ash Wednesday from Madeleine L’Engle:  “I pray for courage to mourn so that I may be strengthened.  There is much to mourn, for we feel grief not only for the physical death of one we love or admire.  I mourn for the loss of dreams and the presence of nightmare…Until I can mourn [Read More…]