Women in Combat

Frances L. Clayton was a woman who, dressing and acting as a man, served in the Union Army during the Civil War under the pseudonym of Jack Williams. Handwriting on the back of the card indicates that she served in the 4th Missouri Heavy Artillery, Company I, and the 13th Missouri Frances Clalin Clayton was a [Read More…]

Friday changed everything

  This gun issue is President Obama’s Lincoln moment. We are a nation divided … How Obama responds as a leader of this nation to Friday’s massacre will be written about in the history books for generations to come. Will he rise above the fray of politics and turn the tide of violence that is [Read More…]

Colorado Shooting: Guns & Cameras

Here’s the thing I hate most in the aftermath of tragedies like the one in Colorado: There is no evidence of any military history.  He did not serve in the military as far as we know.  He was a 24-year-old white male, with no criminal  history and no history of serving in the military.    [Read More…]