Notes on Japan

Albert Einstein once said “it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” But Einstein made those comments long before Mother Nature flipped the technologically-enriched county of Japan over on its nose and left it crying “Ojisan.” Watching one of the world’s great powers sagging like a clothesline under a wet wool [Read More…]

Trip with Tay

I won’t be at church in the morning. Instead I’ll be heading over the pass. My niece, Taylor, and I are going to a Brandon Heath concert at The Rialto in Tacoma. It’s a fund-raiser for Restore International. Bob Goff, the founder/CEO of Restore International sent me an invite to the concert. I love Brandon [Read More…]

Yeah, baby. It's Contest Time.

I told you there would be a test, right? Well, I meant to. All this time you’ve been lurking there in the shadows. Well now it’s time for you to man up. Or woman up. Or at least put your identity crisis on a hold for a minute. I have an important question to ask [Read More…]