Norovirus Squared

    My friends Tony and Kristen just had their first babies. Twin girls. And yes, they are darling. I wish I lived in South Carolina so I could babysit the girls. I miss having twins around the house. It was a lot of work. I mean a lot of work. But it was also [Read More…]

The best dream I never had

  Anyone who knows our daughter Konnie knows that she lives out her joy. That kind of thing can’t be taught. She came to a faith early in life. I think a large part of that was having siblings. Konnie had the benefit of observing five people live out their faith around her everyday. Five [Read More…]

Our Greatest Distraction

“I think God wants us to be whole, too, but maybe sometimes the only way he can make us whole is to teach us things we can learn only by being not whole. “ Madeleine L’Engle Irrational Season My daughter and I have this laugh we share. It comes from something I told my children [Read More…]