Then and Now

I grew up during a time and place where the only blacks in the schools were those working in the cafeteria. Or in the bathrooms. Janitors. Cooks. Those were the jobs available to blacks in those days. I grew up in a time or place when parents in the burbs were afraid to send tow-headed [Read More…]

Bent Over Ourselves

Editor’s Note:  Beth Moore’s sister, Gay, recently shared her own decades long-struggle with alcoholism on Beth’s blog. You can read Gay’s compelling story here and here. But as Shelby reminds us this week, we don’t have to be an alcoholic to feel like we are missing the mark. If only we could learn to see ourselves the [Read More…]

When we fail God

When the church prayed an angel appeared and the chains fell from Peter, led him out past the guards, who were later executed for their failure to retain just one man. Herod, the man who took Peter captive, who had the guards executed, later fell over dead, worms eating him from the inside out. People [Read More…]