Re-homing: Lastest fad in Child Trafficking

Re-homing. It has such a welcoming sound to it, doesn’t it? Like a bird who returns south for a season. Or the once homeless now resettled into a comfy place. In reality, it’s the verbiage assigned to the very ugly practice of parents swapping out adopted children they no longer want. Reuters reports: “As nations [Read More…]

Refuse to Do Nothing: Be a Revolutionary

I issue the same warning to students:  I’m trying to turn you all into revolutionaries.  They laugh when I tell them that. I laugh, too, but that doesn’t mean I am joking. I want students to finish up the term with a sense of purpose. I often ask them: What would cause you to set [Read More…]

It begins with a girl: TukTuk SameSame

Editor’s Note: Daughter Shelby is in Cambodia this week working with a missions group from Antioch Church and partnering with Transitions Global on human trafficking issues. You can follow her other posts back through the blog. By Shelby Dee Tuk Tuks are our major mode of transportation this week. Opened-aired chariots. No A/C. No radio. [Read More…]